Friday, July 4, 2008

Yummy lobster! Woodman's Rocks!

Last night I attended the rehearsal for my friends Allison and John's wedding. Afterward his parents hosted a wonderful dinner in their lovely backyard in Medford. To my delight when we pulled up we saw two catering vans from Woodman's of Essex. For those of you who don't know Woodman's, it is a North Shore institution for delicious seafood! Per Woodman's website they have been in business since 1914 and they are the original inventor of the fried clam! Thank you Woodman's!

The Minogues treated us to a Woodman's Lobster bake. We had dinner under a tent and survived a rippin' thunderstorm. The Woodman's folks - 2 on staff - weathered the elements like pros, moving in under the tent as needed. Despite the soaking rains and terrifying lightning the food was served up hot and fresh. We started out with mussels and steamers followed by their delicious NE Clam Chowder. Next up was Lobster, corn and Cole slaw. Also provided was roast chicken for the non-seafood folks and one guest even got an delicious looking vegetarian dish. This was no afterthought, it looked beautiful and was evidently cooked to perfection. When you walked up for your lobster, it was cracked and the tail was cut for you. There were plenty of bibs, wet naps and napkins and yeah, I ripped into that bad boy and dipped into the still warm clarified butter with gusto.

If you are looking for some killer catered lobster, call Woodman's!!!

Love you Woodman's!!!! Thanks Minogue family!

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