Thursday, December 27, 2007


My friend Mark has turned me on to a meat sensation! Usinger's... America's Finest Sausage (as described on their web site.) Every Christmas Mark makes eggs and (Usinger's fresh) kielbasa for his family for breakfast and last year he convinced me to get in on his meat order! The fresh kielbasa is delicious, plus I have tried the chorizo, frankfurters and applewood smoked bacon. All are delish!

You may have seen Usinger's on Food TV as I had. I have now made kielbasa and eggs for my family two Christmases in a row. Thanks to Mark, we have a new tradition in the family. This year I had made a pork loin roast with fresh fennel and rosemary for dinner the night before. The pan gravy and sliced fennel was so good I had saved it. When I cooked up our fresh kielbasa to go with a fritatta the next day, I put some of the leftover pan gravy and fennel in with the kielbasa while it cooked. TO DIE FOR.

If you love sausage, you'll love Usinger's! Check it out!

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